Coffee Skills Programm

Establishing and supporting the development of a progressive specialty coffee culture


The SCA Coffee Skills Program is a modular, competency-based training program designed to prepare learners to be more successful in their careers.

Modules and courses

The Coffee Skills Program consists of five different modules and an introductory course. The five specialist modules are Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills. They are offered at three different course levels. Introduction To Coffee is a popular stand-alone course that introduces participants to specialty coffee and the wide range of topics that can be explored in more depth in the specialist modules.

As well as the certificate, which is gained by successfully completing a course, learners can also achieve the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. Each CSP course has a level-based point value. Once a learner has achieved 100 points in the CSP program, they can apply for the SCA


“I have the feeling that I fall more in love with coffee and my work with every course.”

Maria Valero, head barista and production roaster from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with certificates in barista skills, brewing and green coffee.


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