SCA Authorized Trainers (AST)

The unique opportunity to teach the curriculum for the coffee diploma system.


The SCA authorizes trainers who are members of the SCA and who have proven their competence in certain areas of specialty coffee.

What are SCA trainers?

Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) are professional trainers who have the necessary professional experience and broad coffee knowledge to deliver high quality courses that benefit both learners and the industry.

We support you with all the necessary training through our AST course and provide you with the curriculum (study plan) and our AST handbook exclusively to guide you along the way.

No doubt you will have already achieved a certain level of qualification through the Coffee Diploma System route, but once you have completed your AST training you can start teaching your students, with SCA supporting you in everything and taking exams.

AST Trainers

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  • Admission requirements

    Admission requirements for AST applicants vary for each of the certificate programs. For the Coffee Skills Program, our most popular offering, a qualified licensee must:

    Have completed and passed the Intermediate and Professional course in the module in which they wish to teach.
    a broad knowledge of coffee.
    Professional experience in the relevant subject.
    Experience in training adults.

    To be eligible as an AST, CSP Professional course certificates must be from courses taken after January 1, 2017. Holders of an SCAA Heritage Pathway Taster Level 2 certificate obtained after January 1, 2016 are eligible for the Sensory Skills module license. Holders of an SCAA Heritage Pathway Roaster Level 2 certificate obtained after January 1, 2016 may obtain the license for the Roasting module.

    ASTs can add additional modules to their training portfolio by completing the Professional course in that module and obtaining an additional module license.

    The Coffee Technicians Program and the Coffee Sustainability Program are in the final stages of development and the trainer authorization process for these programs is currently under review.

    Due to certain state restrictions, it is not possible to obtain an AST license and offer SCA certificate programs in all states.

    If you have previously held an AST license and it expired on or before December 31, 2017, your application will be considered new and the above eligibility requirements will apply. You will be required to complete the revised AST online course as part of the induction process.

  • Pricing

    An AST license for 3 years costs €1500 EUR / $1800 USD plus €200 EUR / $240 per module license. Access to the Introduction to Coffee course is included in the basic AST license. Adding an additional module costs €200 EUR / $240 USD.

  • Verfahren

    The AST process begins for eligible coffee trainers with the completion of an application. This online form asks for application requirements, relevant work experience, training and volunteer experience, and professional references. Applications are checked for completeness around the 10th and 25th of each month.

    Applications are processed and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful applicants will be invited to take an online general coffee knowledge exam. This 50-question exam covers selected topics from the basic and intermediate courses of all five modules of the Coffee Skills Program. The topics included in the exam can be found here.

    Successful applicants will be billed the appropriate license fees and placed on a waiting list for one of the upcoming AST courses. Those who do not pass the exam will be invited to reapply after a 60-day period.

    The AST course is challenging and easily accessible. This five-part orientation course is conducted via distance learning with weekly live sessions and assignments. With few exceptions, these courses are held at least once a month. Payment of the AST license fee is collected two weeks prior to the start of an AST course. Places on these courses fill up quickly and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date of registration and fees paid. To become an AST, the course and associated tasks must be completed. Upon successful completion of the course, the applicant enters into the AST agreement and can begin offering courses immediately.

  • Erwartungen

    The SCA wants to recruit qualified and active trainers. In order to renew a license, ASTs must issue a certain number of certificates during the term of the license. To ensure that our educator network is well prepared to provide the most up-to-date information on specialty coffee, ASTs must participate in a minimum amount of professional development activities during the term of their license.

    All ASTs are expected to support the SCA’s core values and adhere to the AST Code of Conduct.

Meet an Authorized SCA Trainer - Charlotte Reynolds (YouTube)

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