About SCA Switzerland

Establishing and supporting the development of a progressive speciality coffee culture


The Speciality Coffee Associations build on decades of knowledge, research and practical experience.

SCA Switzerland is the Swiss chapter of the international organisation SCA.

Vision / Mission

Speciality coffees are top quality coffees with unique flavour characteristics, grown under the best conditions and therefore only available in limited quantities. Professionally prepared and brewed, they produce coffees with high sensory qualities in the cup.

Mission statement of the Swiss Speciality Coffee Association

Define and promote the quality of coffee right through to the cup in all its dimensions while adhering to ethical and sustainable principles along the entire value chain.

All players in the value chain work together in the SCA to unite and represent the interests of its members.

The Swiss SCA aims to act in an opinion-forming and visionary manner in these areas and to represent the interests of consumers.

Strategy of the Swiss SCA

Setting up, organising and supporting events, seminars and courses to promote conscious coffee consumption and coffee quality; certification of experts, national and international competitions with awards.

Defining the criteria for high-quality coffee in co-operation and exchange with SCAE members and national and international associations.

Opinion-forming via the media and through events; establishment and operation of a ‘coffee’ knowledge centre


The coordinators of SCA Switzerland are a group of people who have been actively involved in the coffee industry for many years and are experts in their field. They fulfil their role on a voluntary basis.

Gloria Pedroza

Board: National Coordinator

Michael Eugster

Board: Marketing & Communications & Memberships


The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) is an international non-profit organisation with various national ‘chapters’.

You can therefore become a member of the SCA directly. You can register quickly and easily using the linked form.

Our members

The SCA Switzerland Chapter is an association with a growing number of members – people like you who are looking for excellent coffee. Our members come from all areas of the coffee industry, from machine manufacturers to roasters, café owners and suppliers.

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